Our Program

Our Program

Fine Fit offers the affordability of working with a personal trainer in a semi private setting.

Our Program

Fine Fit offers the affordability of working with a personal trainer in a semi private setting. Fine Fit offers both in person and virtual sessions.

Weight Training – The trainer puts the clients through a 30 minute workout consisting of 8 different exercises that the trainer sets up, corrects, and modifies as needed.

Cardio – consists of 25 minutes of HIIT training (high intensity interval training) using treadmills and elliptical machines. The purpose of high intensity intervals is to increase the heart rate for a certain period of time (anywhere from 45 seconds to 90 seconds) and then slow the pace down to recover: bring your heart rate down and catch your breath. Cardio intervals are the key to kicking metabolism into a higher functioning gear.

Nutritional support – we weigh and measure you to get baseline numbers and then set realistic, attainable goals to work towards a stronger, healthier you. Our focus is not about dieting – it is about slowly changing little habits. More water, not skipping meals, planning out meals and snacks and having good choices easily available.  Our belief is if you slowly change habits it leads to lifelong permanent changes.

Accountability – each of your workouts is a scheduled appointment. This is one of the most important reasons our clients are able to make working out a habit, not something they do off and on. As women – we know we take care of everyone else’s needs before our own. By having an appointment we are much more likely to schedule around it and show up for it! Consistency is the only way to get results.  Your accountability is to show up for your appointments and work hard. Our accountability is to give you a challenging and complete workout in one hour and to offer you the support and planning you need to succeed in your journey to a stronger, healthier and happier you!

Call or stop in today for a free session to try us out! Looking forward to meeting you!


“The first time I walked in I felt a warm , inclusive and authentic sense of welcome (I could see myself there); I experienced both a personal and professional touch in assisting me to tend a weight issue that begun to effect my self-esteem; The small and personal workout classes are effective.”


“With Fine Fit I have finally found a personal training studio that fits my fitness level, with caring trainers and convenient scheduling that allows me to reach my fitness goals.”

Alexis D.

“You have created a place in which I feel welcome, safe from the risk of injury, and inspired to push myself toward better health and well- being. It is unlike any other fitness center I have tried over my many years of trying to get fit, so thank you, Fine Fit!!”

Jo-Ann R.

“Fine Fit has been the only fitness program that has ever worked for me. Focusing on getting stronger and feeling better instead of concentrating on trying to be a certain weight or size made all the difference. The fun, friendly, expert trainers personalize the experience and keep me going on this fitness journey!”

Laura G.

“After being a member for only 4 months I lost 15 pounds the right way. I have more to lose and I’ll get there. I feel better already, I eat better and I’ve gotten to know a nice and kind collection of women and trainers. It’s my job to do the workout, but having personal…

Sarah S.

“Fine Fit is great! The first thing I noticed when I started was that the clients are women of all ages, shapes, sizes, which is very reassuring. The trainers personalize each exercise to the needs and abilities of each client. It’s a user-friendly atmosphere! I have lost significant amount of weight doing just what they…

Beth L.

“Love this place! It’s the best of all worlds. Four people to one trainer. You have a trainer every time you come. 30 minutes of floor, mat, machine, weight training and then 30 minutes of cardio.“

Debbie K.